9 Spring Trends for Her!

Hello my loves. It’s time for Spring, how are you enjoying it?  For a woman who has allergies, I’m definitely not allergic to new beauty and fashionable spring trends.  Lately, I’m starting to embrace more on my fashion side and closer to understanding how important it is to take a moment and put an amazing outfit together.

I recently attended my 2nd Neiman Marcus event located in Las Vegas, Nevada. It was a preview of their newest spring collections. I was so excited to see all the beautiful pieces they put together.  A variety of beauty products, clothing, shoes, and accessories, a complete head to toe ensemble.  They all looked vibrant, colorful, and bold!

9 spring trends for her you will find tasteful are:












Hope you enjoyed all of this more than I did.  It was a lot of fun and met wonderful people with the same passion in beauty and fashion.  Check out the pretty rainbow drinks and delicious appetizers!


Thank you for this awesome swag bag too!


Btw, what’s you favorite spring trend? Let me know and comment below, thanks for visiting!

Mommy and Daughter Fashion Trends

Hi Lovelies, I was wondering how many mothers and daughters have similar fashion trends? I know I’ve seen many mothers dress their babies the same, but not sure if it’s voluntary or not. My daughter as a little girl, always had her own style and I would try buying those matching outfits for special occasions but she didn’t really like to color coordinate, she was more into cartoon or Disney characters.

I noticed my daughter (as a millennium child) has what she calls an “Aesthetic” fashion.  I call it “Retro” but I’m old school. Lol!  It’s so weird because the clothes I used to wear is now cool to her.  She’s 15 years old, surprisingly we can share each other’s clothes but she rather have her own.  There are a few of fashion brands we both love, for example:

  1. Members Only
  2. Adidas
  3. Converse
  4. Nike
  5. Forever21

Yes, I do buy Forever21 clothes still! Lol!

The most important thing I enjoy with my daughter is shopping together, since we have similar taste in clothes we can give each other honest opinions.

I partnered up with Members Only and they were kind enough to send an extra jacket for a giveaway, I’m so excited to share this with you.  Head over to my Instagram page to enter, good luck!

The prize giveaway will be this style jacket!




5 Tips In Finding The Perfect Family Car!

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Hi Lovelies, Spring time is here, the weather is getting warmer, more people are getting out of their homes, and enjoying the outdoors.  Even if its just a short trip to the store, restaurant, movies or a long family vacation, the whole family wants to get in the car and enjoy a day out!

I’m so ready to buy a new family car that’s why I’d like to share my 5 helpful tips in buying one.  If you’re a first timer with a single family or maybe a multi-family and want that peace a quiet time in the car?  My tips will be helpful and you can thank me later! Lol!

Tip#1 Comfortable Seating 

More legs space and less kids bickering backseat. More relaxation and less chaos!

Tip#2 Advance Safety Features 

For example, versatility in seatbelts, rear vision camera, navigation, On Star services (optional) etc.

Tip#3 Gas Efficiency

More mileage in a gallon, less money spent, and more money on your pedicure j/k!

Tip#4 Storage/Trunk Space

Of course you’re going to need a space for your coffee/drink cups, food snacks, while taking kids to sports practices and games. Trunk space for all the sports equipment or groceries.  Also, lots of room to haul furniture for your DIY’s. Right?

Tip#5 Media Consoles/Charger Outlets 

Last but not least, making sure your cell phone and/or the kids tablets/cellphones are always charged. My teenagers starts to panic if their cellphones dies, does your kids act the same?

A TV is optional but perfect to keep the little ones busy, just pop in a movie for an hour of peace and quiet!

Note:  I recommend limiting the cellphone/tv/tablet usage, so kids can enjoy the scenic routes more!

Most importantly, start with your search w/ Cars.com, this website can provide a simple search just a click away!  Cars.com not only helps you buy cars but also help sell your cars, buy parts, share tutorials on DIY’s, and more!

These are the 2018 popular SUV, I’d love to get my hands on!


2018 Lincoln Navigator

7BFD1BD1-AA21-4042-B5D5-7EBCAF73E05BSooner or later, you and your family will find that peace in quiet car vibe! Let me know what is your perfect family car and what tips you came up with differently? I’d love to hear about it!

Family night at Avengers Station located in Treasure Island

Sorry I’ve been MIA on my blog, so many things been going on with holidays, kid’s basketball practices, games, school, and home! Now I’m back! What have you been up to lately? Hope everything is fine.

We recently seen the newest movie “Black Panther” at Galaxy Theatre and it was really good! Have you seen it? What was your best part? I highly recommend you to see it! I also wanted to share my Marvel Avengers STATION experience!

If you’re a tourist or a local and want to entertain you little ones or yourself head over to Marvel Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N located in Treasure Island Hotel and Casino.

Do you know what the STATION stand for? I didn’t know until going to this place. It means Scientific Training And Tactical Intelligence Operative Network. Yes, they train you to become a special agent recruiter to be a part of the Marvel Avengers, cool huh? I’m not going to lie, I enjoyed more than the kids!

We had some extra time to play with some interactive games while we waited for our show time to start!


Got to ride on Captain America’s motorcycle! He won’t mind! Lol!

Then we entered several rooms theme based by each superhero, can you guess which one?

There was several tests to go through training, one of them is Stark’s eye testing.

The final interactive test was fighting with the Marvel Avengers against an evil enemy and had to save the world!


Phew, that was close! Yay we passed! Glad to see my family has a great time! Hope you can visit soon. Let me know your experience!

Huda Beauty, You the Beauty!

I walked in the Sephora store at Town Square and I had a couple of foundations I wanted to purchase and try out! One in mind I was curious about was Huda Beauty. I picked the color brown sugar #410G with light tan skin with golden undertones. There were several to pick out but many were out of stock, so this was pretty close to my skin tone. Have you tried the foundation? If so, let me know what you think!

I use a synthetic brush to put it on and dab it onto my face. The coverage is medium to full, so make sure to use a dime size amount of foundation. I noticed it also has a scent to it but it didn’t bother me at all. I had to blend it more because of the consistency was thick and it sets to a powder finish right away.

Pros: It does cover blemishes. No need for setting powder. Great in pictures, no flashbacks.

Cons: Scented. It sets into fine lines and pores.

Tip: Make sure to prep skin before use such as a primer and/or moisturizer. I recommend to test our before purchasing.

Cost: $40, use your Sephora insider rewards to gain points!

Rate: 6 because certain lighting made my face look too matte!

FACE- Huda Beauty #fauxfilter #410G foundation Brown Sugar @thebalm_cosmetics Bahama mama bronzer, Marylou manizer @tartecosmetics shape tape concealer tan

EYES- @tartecosmetics toasted eyeshadow palette @lorealmakeup voluminous carbon black

BROWS- pomade chocolate @anastasiabeverlyhills dipbrow

LASHES- Ardell mink lashes Demi #101 black

LIPS- Brown lipliner $1 at sally beauty supply , Milani matte lipstick Naked

Making Memories in Winter’s Village at Green Valley Ranch!

I’m happy to say “The first time I went ice skating was in Winter’s Village at Green Valley Ranch“, so sad it took this long for me to try! Could you imagine? I was holding on the railing for dear life and a little boy told me to get out of the way, I couldn’t help but laugh through the whole ordeal! Have you tried ice skating before? Was it scary and funny at the same time? Let me know I’d love to hear your stories!

I’m so glad I took my kids but only one had the courage to try with me, it’s ok maybe they need more time and eventually try when they’re ready!

The skating rink had “real ice” and located by the pool area. Cool huh? As you walk down the area you’re instantly greeted by staff, very inviting and friendly! The ambience of the fire pit lounge area felt relaxed and quiet, I believe you can order cocktails and have s’mores as well. The walkway of the entrance was filled with chandelier lighting above which leads you to the skating rink.

Instantly it started to feel more like Christmas. The Christmas music fulfilled my holiday spirit. There was more kids skating than adults and not over crowding! The admission is free and charge only for the ice skates. There are three booths. The first booth is to order tickets and receive a bracelet, the second booth to receive your ice skates, and the last booth on the other side of skating rink offers holiday treats.

If you want to step up your game, you can order package passes which includes drinks, gingerbread decorating, and couple massages great for a date night! Also don’t forget to take advantage of using your Green Valley Ranch rewards card for more incentives and/or discounts with room and dining. I would love to stay for two nights here and enjoy all the inclusive rewards they offer! Don’t forget to check Winter’s Village calendar for special events such as Movie Mondays, Saturdays with Santa, Menorah Lighting, Holiday Carolers and more!

Tips: Free parking, free admission only charge $20 per person for ice skates.

I’m definitely making this a holiday tradition for my family every year!

The walkway entrance to skating rink! Love the chandeliers, so fancy!

Thank you Winter’s Village and Green Valley Ranch for having us and especially giving these holiday treats and ornament! Definitely putting this in good use!

Great Gift Ideas for any Occasion in Tivoli Village!

Tivoli Village is located next to the summerlin community. Have you been there yet? I love the structure of the buildings, it makes me feel like I’m in a different state. This residential and business development center is used for retail and office space. Great for shopping and dining experience with a pleasant outdoor atmosphere especially fun with family and friends.

Not only for holiday shopping but also for any occasion such as birthdays, housewarmings , weddings, or even just to reward and treat yourself! The following places I visited and would be great ideas are:

1. HUB MODERN home + gift

If you’re looking for something different and modern whether it’s for your home, his and/or her gifts, furry babies this is the best place to be. These products in this store are made from all over the world and including USA.

2. GYPSY05

The items in this store focus on the details and quality from all over the world. If you’re looking for travel essentials, fashion, fragrances, home decor this bohemian inspired products is perfect for him and her gifts. Join the tribe!


If you or someone you know love danity, glam, vintage, and/or chic gifts, this is the place to go! There is endless beautiful items to pick from throughout the store. I would definitely buy something for my daughter here because she’s such a princess and she would love this store!


This one stop salon is great for men, women. Great for bridal parties, girls day out, male grooming etc! Throughout the salon there is a section for everything. Whether if you want to get your hair, nails, makeup, and/or botox done, an experience artist can help you out. They even have a pool table while you wait, I think my hubby and I would definitely love to be pampered and groomed here!


Last but not least, after all that shopping will make you hungry, so stop by at Echo and Rig Butcher and Steakhouse. They will fulfill your appetite! The two story offers brunch and dinner, also outdoor patio dining for a great picture perfect meal! On the other hand, Echo and Rig serves as a butcher shop where experts can give you tips in recipes, educate you on the different kinds of meats, and best way to cut it as well. They also have close relations with their farmers and ranchers who take good care of their animals. If you want, you can make reservations or grab a gift card for someone special!


I had so much fun at the PR event and visiting these stores, very hospitable, and worth taking a look at! Thank you Vegas Lifestyle Influencers for hosting a great event! I highly recommend to visit these stores at Tivoli Village! If unable to come out, you can also visit and order online. Free shipping, if purchase a certain dollar amount!

Thank you! Definitely coming back, see you soon!

Christmas Interactive Experience at Operation North Pole!

Christmas is right around the corner, and I wasn’t quite ready for it yet, until going to Operation North Pole. I quickly got into the mood of Christmas and reminded me of what it is all about! Family, giving, and miracles! What does Christmas mean to you?

Upon arriving, you’re instantly greeted with elves. The smells of candy canes and cookies fill the air and snow falling from above. This magical place will definitely give you the North Pole experience. There are several rooms to interact with hands on.

The first room is the “Candy Cottage” where the elves make special candy concoctions during the holidays. Then a snowball fight led us inside “Toy Workshop”, where we decorated your own hand picked ornament, and teddy bear stuffing. I followed the smell of fresh baked cookies into “Mrs. Claus’s Kitchen”, there we sat for story telling while eating cookies and drinking hot cocoa!

While waiting for Santa, we were able to see the reindeer stables. We fed them carrots, made reindeer food, and wrote our wish list. When it was time to see Santa I was star struck. My kids were able to ask him what they wanted for Christmas. Santa asked if we eat together at the dinner table. I told him we do but kids have trouble staying on their phones at the dinner table. He didn’t like that at all and asked the kids to try to put it away for dinner time. The kids agreed, and I thanked him. That was my main struggle during dinner time. Do you have the same problem? Or do you still allow it? I’d like to know what you think?

Here is a recap of our magical experience at Operation North Pole!

My Makeup Fetish

Hi lovelies! I’m feeling refreshed this morning! Maybe because I slept in for the first time in a while! Do you ever get a chance to sleep in?

I wanted to share with your 4 beauty products I purchased and would like to review on it. All of my opinions are my own and are not sponsored. I went to 2 different locations to purchase my products. Sephora and Ulta. I love both places, because of the certain brands they have! Do you find yourself in Sephora or Ulta stores all the time? Which one is your favorite?

My weakness in makeup is foundations, I have so many. I want that flawless look, but not too cakey. I find myself being picky with foundations, it’s similar to how I feel when picking out my jeans! Lol! Do you agree?

There are also other ones I tend to be extremely careful with. Such as picking out the right eye palettes, concealers, and mascara. Which is yours?

First I went to Sephora and picked up:


There were so many different shades to pick from. This product is for all skin types, long wear, light weight, pro filter, and soft matte. The color I picked out was #280 tan with warm peach undertones.

Pros: It is great in pictures, it gives that filtered look. It is lightweight, long wear throughout the day.

Cons: I have combo skin, it made my face oily. The dry spots around my nose enhanced it more, maybe it was the wrong shade I picked. This products didn’t work out for me. After a couple days of wearing it, I broke out tremendously. When I stopped using it my acne went away.

Then I went to Ulta and picked up:


Tartelette Toasted eyeshadow palette is super blend-able, cruelty free, rich in warm colors, and long wear. I love this product, great for fall looks!

Pros: It’s rich in pigment, only need a little amount. Creamy and blends well. DIY in different looks such as turning an everyday, natural to a night out look.

Cons: It can crumble easily if you pat too hard, so gently tap on desired colors.


This product is cruelty free, vegan, and gluten free. It’s double duty because it conceals and used to highlight and contour as well.

Pros: It’s creamy, blend-able, long wear, full coverage. Conceals redness and blemishes.

Cons: It’s thick, so a little goes a long way.


This products thickens and conditions your lashes. Fragrance free, no clumping and flaking. Non irritating, safe for sensitive eyes and contact wearers.

Pros: Long wear, thickens, and smudge proof.

Cons: Wand is straight and hard to get into lower lashes

My finds that I will keep are the ones I purchased from Ulta. I think Ulta is my favorite beauty store right now. Not only you can purchase high-end beauty products you can even pick up over the counter makeup.

Pictures of Fenty Beauty throughout the day!

Pictures of products I listed above

Momsgiving in Chick-fil-A!

Hi lovelies! Have you heard Chick-fil-A is serving breakfast? I didn’t find out until I went to an event for “Momsgiving’ held by “411Mommas” and “Lasvegasmoms“!

I went to Chick-fil-A located on 9925 S. Eastern Ave, Las Vegas. The owners are husband and wife. Their story is amazing! Couple goals that’s for sure!

For breakfast I ordered Chick-fil-A chick’n minis with a side of hash browns and orange juice! It was delicious. They have expanded their breakfast menus and also will add more fruits to it.

They made it the first and quick service restaurant chain to commit to a 100 percent “chicken raised with no antibiotics ever” standard for poultry. All their chicken sandwiches consist of 2 pickle slices on a toasted buttery bun. Chick-Gil-A even provide fundraisers, catering services, packaged meals, events, and backstage tours.

Chick-fil-A has an app you can download and start earning treats, pay with your app, mobile order and pay ahead. Also offer curbside pickup. So easy and convenient when your busy. Head over there now for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and bring your kids. Let me know what you ordered?

Here’s a recap of “Momsgiving” day!