My “Beauty Holiday Gift” Ideas!

Hi Lovelies! I’m so excited to share with you my gift ideas for Christmas! I recently went to a “Holiday Blogger Bash” event at
Mariposa Cafe in Neiman Marcus. Brunch was delicious perfect menu consist of sipping bubbly with a elegant setting of assorted cronuts, chicken & waffles, potatoes hash muffins, and quail eggs & prosciutto crostini! It was my first time trying quail eggs. Have you tried it before?

Here is the following top beauty products I found interesting, especially great gifts for someone special or just for yourself!


It’s a derma exfoliating device, more like a laser hair removal treatment at home! This manicures your face by removing environment pollution and dead skin buildup. The gentle sonic vibration will also prep and smooth out face while removing fine facial hairs! Cool huh? Instead of having to go out and pay visits for waxing or laser treatments, you can do it in the convenience at your own home, your own time, and save so much money! This would be a great investment!


This device is a “Mini Facial”, that penetrates facial muscles to keep you face looking firm and toned! I call it an “instant face lift!” You would use device three to five days a week for 10-20 minutes. Upward glide from cheeks, eyebrow to forehead would help diminish and prevent fine lines on your face


I’m not a big fan of colognes because I tend to get an allergic reaction of the smells, but this cologne is not strong at all! It’s lightweight and versatile. You can customize your own scent and still smell great! It’s unisex, so great for you and your special partner!

There were so many new products at the event. Specializing from jewelry, makeup, skincare, and perfume/colognes. High end name brand consist of John Hardy, Tom Ford, Laura Mercier, Jo Malone, Oribe, Kiehls, Fresh, etc.

If you tried products yourself, l’d like to hear what you think of the products! I have attached a recap of the event, It was so much fun! The highlight of my day was trying on a John Hardy’s $35,000.00 necklace and $23,000.00 purse!


Veterans Day: Seaquest Aquarium

Happy Veteran’s Day!  Since my two little boys were out of school,  I decided to take them to a Veteran’s Day Event, held by Mamaloveee (YouTube).  It was held at Seaquest Aquarium in Las Vegas, NV.

Who said Las Vegas was for adults only?  There are so many things to do here for kids!

Seaquest Aquarium is an interactive place where you can touch and/or feed the fishes, reptiles, and birds.  The themes are rainforest, desert, and sea.  There was several rooms to enjoy categorized by the themes and animals.  One of the rooms was filled with activity stations and a food court.  There was even a little playground for kids to play in.  Seaquest Aquarium provides snorkeling with the stingrays. I’d be too afraid to try it.  Would you snorkel with the stingrays?  My kids enjoyed it so much! They got to see and touch a “Galapagos Tortoise” which was huge.  I highly recommend taking your family to this place.  What kind of animals would you like to see or touch?

By the way, I’d to thank and let all veterans and members currently in the military know that they should hold a special place in our hearts and minds.  They put their lives on the line to protect our way of life, their families, and your family! You are greatly appreciated!

Here is a little recap of the event!  If you already went to Seaquest Aquarium, I’d like to know what you enjoyed most about it?




Random Vacation: Six places to visit in LA in one day

Hi guys!  This past week has been so busy.  Our family of six, went on a random vacation to Los Angeles.  Since we only had one day, we decided to go sightseeing and take our time walking around.  I found out it is possible to visit six different places in Los Angeles in just one day!  It was also during “Daylight Savings” so we had an extra hour to add to it.  Have you been on a random trip or vacation before? I find it was easier to pack, since we didn’t bring too much outfits. This way was less stressful for us!

Here is the following places we visited from morning til night! We arrived back to Las Vegas at 12am.


On Hollywood Blvd, is an iconic movie theatre in the world. Includes premiere movies, VIP tours, movie events, and film festivals.  The street is filled with souvenir shops and many different retail department stores.  “The Hollywood Walk of Fame” also fills the street 15 blocks. I couldn’t walk that much but I did see “Mickey Mouse”, and “Godzilla”, They were the ones I remembered because my kids were excited about it.  I wanted to see “Selena” but couldn’t find it.  Maybe you’ll have better luck than I do!  Which celebrity star would you like to find?

Tip: Parking $10 all day


Before we headed to the Santa Monica Beach, we ran into Beverly Hills.  It was so fancy, I wanted to grab a blanket and have a picnic, but I think it wasn’t allowed.  I saw police officers near the sign and people were just walking around.  I didn’t see any people playing sports or lying around as you would see in a regular park.


The most fun place to visit was Santa Monica Pier.  I think because it was near a beach and I’m such a “beach girl”.  Are you a “beach girl”?  I also enjoyed the carnival, it was called “Party on the Pier”.  It was a fun and festive, so many vendors and souvenir shops everywhere.  We ate lunch at “Mariasol Cucina Mexicana“.  It was the only restaurant at the end of pier, we wanted seafood but we were starving so we settled for this.  I did enjoy their signature nachos “Camachos Nachos”  it was delicious.  The pier also has a merry-go-round, I felt like a kids again. Next to it, was a little  vintage ice cream shop called “Soda Jerks“, I ordered the salted caramel ice cream on a sugar cone.  It was so yummy!

Tip:  Parking $10 all day by the beach area


This shopping mall was very high-end.  The shops were so big, some were 3 stories high.  There was also a movie theatre the tickets were $15.00 per adult.   I loved the decor, it was all set up for Christmas.  I wasn’t ready yet for christmas but it made for feel like I was in Santa’s Workshop.  There was also a cable car to ride on that would fun for kids!

Tip:  Validate Parking at the Farmer’s Market


If you’re a foodie person, this would be the perfect place for you! It’s next the “The Grove”.  So many different shops, produce and food stalls.  I love the vintage look of the place, it had character. It would be a perfect for a photo shoot too.  I was craving for some fresh fruits and found “The French Crepe Company“.  I ordered the “Tropical Crepe” it consist of Papaya, Kiwi, Mango, Grapes, Bananas, and Strawberries topped with Chocolate Syrup.  Yes, are you drooling now?

Tip:  Validate Parking at the Farmer’s Market


If  you’re unable to go inside of  Universal Studios, you can take a walk around it!  Universal Citywalk has a list of shops and restaurants. They also have a movie theatre and a cute little light and water show for kids.  You can even take a photo shoot at the “Universal Studios” globe sign and red carpet!  The kids were getting hungry for dinner and ate at “Bubba Gumps“, its perfect for families and especially seafood lovers.  We finally got our seafood fix!

Tip:  Parking before 6pm $25, after 6pm $10

I asked my kids “Which place they enjoyed most?”  They said the “Santa Monica Pier” was their number one choice.  At the end of the day, my hubby and kids were happy, and I was definitely happy especially they slept through the ride back home!




Short Getaway Drive and Fall/Winter Look

Happy Saturday, its my day off and a busy morning!  My kids look forward to a big breakfast on the weekends, during the school days they prefer to eat cereal.  Do you still cook breakfast for your kids on your days off?  If so, what does your menu include?  I’d love to get more ideas for breakfast recipes especially easy ones.  As a family of six, our breakfast menu includes the works such as pancakes, bacon, eggs, toast bread w/butter, sometimes fruits!  I change it up a bit every other weekend for example instead of bacon, I opt for sausage links, or instead of pancakes, I’ll make breakfast sandwiches (biscuits, cheese, bacon and eggs).  This way is much easier for me to make.  Sorry, I forgot to take a pictures of it.  I was in a rush as always.

After breakfast , one of my sons had a basketball game coming up within an hour and we had to get ready right away.  While getting ready, I had to stop for a bit and continue because my boys think I know where everything is at.  Do you go through the same situation?  It drive me nuts!  They would yell across the room asking if I’ve seen their missing shirt, pants, socks, or shoes etc.  I wonder if they think I have these special mommy senses and can find anything for them.  I think it’s true because one-hundred percent of the time I end up finding it!  Crazy huh?

During the basketball game you see a lot of parents going through so many different emotional reactions.  I think it’s funny.  I watch the games and see how the players go through a lot of pressure.  They hear the parents yelling at them on one side of court, and at the same time, they hear the coach yelling, on the opposite side of the court.  Luckily, my oldest son played football, so he didn’t go through all that.  Parents had to sit far away in the bleachers from the players.

When I got home, my husband wanted take me on a getaway drive, like Bonnie and Clyde.  Just kidding! Nah, but he did want to take me to a scenic route around town.  I took the offer and wanted to take some OOTD fall/winter looks.  I added some look alike outfits with links below?  Let me know what you think? Btw, my hubby did a good job taking these shots, do you agree?  The struggle was so funny, he had to lead me up and down the hill.

Processed with VSCO with a6 presetProcessed with VSCO with a6 presetProcessed with VSCO with a6 presetProcessed with VSCO with a6 preset

Leather Jacket

Fur Jacket

Boyfriend Tee

Skinny Jeans


Aviator Sunglasses


Layered Jewelry

Crazy mommy mornings, ending with makeup therapy!

When you have a chance to get a day off of work, does it seem like it’s not really a day off  for us?  Well same here too!  I had a busy and crazy day this morning.  I felt like I was checking the clock like a hundred times, helping my little one get ready for school.  My son is 9 years old and the youngest one of the family.  Since he’s the last child, I admit, I do spoil him more than the rest of the kids.  I wonder if you do the same with your last child?

At home, I tend to start a task and stop, and start on another task.  Then I end up doing two things at once.  I lost track of time for a minute and was almost late taking my son the bus stop.  Luckily we made it!

My oldest son is 19 years old and asked me to go with him to the courthouse today because he got a ticket for speeding.  It is his first and hopefully his last speeding ticket.  He is clueless, since it’s his first time.  So I go with him and explained what questions they might ask and what to say. The guy at the booth kept asking him the same questions and he kept looking over to me with a dumbfounded look on his face.  I chuckled for a little bit.  Then he handed me a form stating the ticket is three-hundred and ninety-seven dollars.  My jaw dropped.  I started thinking about my first speeding ticket I had and realized, it’s a learning lesson for him.  He understood the consequences of doing something wrong and told me he will not do that ever again.  My oldest son has a full-time job and has no problem paying it and he doesn’t expect me to help him pay for it.  I probably would if he asked me.  Would you?

My son treated me to a wonderful brunch at Corner Bakery Cafe. for going with him to the courthouse.  It was my first time there and the food was delicious.  I ordered a Bacon and White Egg Panini on sourdough bread. The place was not crowded and staff was super friendly, I highly recommend you to go and check it out!


When I got home, I clean up as usual and had a couple of hours to myself, which was a miracle!  Rarely,  I have time to myself and relax.  I decided to reward myself with some makeup therapy and came up with a soft pink makeup look.  I also added a little bit of green emerald eyeshadow as my eyeliner.  I included the makeup products below!

  • Face:  Loreal Inflallible total cover foundation, The Balm Bahama Mama bronzer, The Balm Mary Lou Manizer highlighter, Airspun powder
  • Cheeks: MAC “gingerly” blush
  • Brows:  Anastasia Beverly Hills dipbrow pomade “Chocolate”
  • Eyes:  MAC “sunny”, NYX “wicked dreams (green), Colourpop “hustle”
  • Lashes Ardell “demi wispies” #240097
  • Lips:  Bareminerals marvelous moxie “birthday babe”

FYI: Don’t mind my greys! lol!

I can’t believe I had so many things to do in so little time!  In a family of six, there is always something to do and never ending.  Sometimes we need at least a couple of hours  to ourselves to recoup and chill, so we can start the next day better than yesterday!

First Mommyinmakeupland Blog Post!

Hello! Welcome to Mommyinmakeupland! My name is Vivianne, I’m married to my husband for 21 years with 4 children.  I want to share my experiences as a busy mom and makeup.  I love makeup and have this crazy idea i can lose myself not in lala-land but in “Makeupland”, cool right? Just kidding!

Seriously, I can share my everyday life experiences for mommies, married/single ladies who love makeup, and extra stuff such as food, love, and adventures!  Besides being a mommy and working a full time (9-5 job), I work from home and  partnered up with a new online makeup company called “Maskcara Beauty Bar“.  As a “Maskcara Artist” I can demonstrate and educate makeup lovers on “Highlighting and Contouring”.  It’s easier than you think, it is 3-D dimensional makeup, a light application with a flawless look.  The purpose is to enhance your beautiful features and cut your makeup application time in half so you’re ready to enjoy the rest of your day!

I don’t discriminate other makeup brands, I love to experiment and see what brands work or don’t work for me.  I’ll show more reviews and put in my two sense on it.  If you have any ideas on what would like me to post on my blog let me now.  I hope you come back soon and get lost with me in “Mommyinmakeupland”!